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COLLECT Your Seeds

Gather Ideas for Growing Your Unique Potential

COLLECT Seed Ideas from your MIND
COLLECT Seed Ideas from OTHERS
COLLECT Seed Ideas from your HEART

Begin by pouring out all the seeds ideas you have inside of you.

List all the good ideas in that “seed pouch” in your Mind.
Don’t hold back! Pour out every idea you’ve ever had about your purpose in the world. Add the ideas others have recommended to you, too!
Nothing’s off limits. Get it all out––”brain dump” style!

POUR OUT every 'good idea' in your mind –– "brain dump" style!
POUR Out your Mind

COLLECT the ideas Others have offered about your value and what they envision you growing.

What are some of good “seed” ideas others mentioned for you?
Friends, mentors, family, colleagues sometimes see you better than you see yourself!

COLLECT Others' Ideas
COLLECT Others' Ideas

If you’ll let yourself look a little deeper, you’ll probably find more precious seeds within you, waiting in your Heart.
Heart seeds come with a potent source of nourishment to grow–and go the distance–to set valuable fruit.
You’ll recognize a “heart seed” by the warm, excited, loving feeling you get when considering the idea,
A “heart seed” may appear to you as a vision or memory of yourself or of a place, rather than a word on a list in your head.
Be sure to pour out EVERY seed idea your heart holds, no matter how “impossible” or “impractical.”
Don’t hold back!

POUR OUT every vision in your heart of your desire to give to people and the world. What are your Dreams? Who would you LOVE to Be? What would you LOVE to Give? Don't hold back. The stronger your Heart's desire, the more you must pour it out now. POUR OUT ALL your Heart seeds, one by one, with feeling...
POUR Out Your Heart

The spaces on this page are for your eyes only.
No one else can access what you write or upload here.

If you like, pour out your Mind and Heart seed ideas onto paper first, or instead.
Use a separate paper for your Mind, Heart and Others seed collections.

Open up deeper places in your heart, mind and memory by using colored pen or pencils, if you like.

> Not sure of the difference between the seed ideas in your Mind and Heart?
No worries. Wherever your seed ideas seem to be pouring out from, put them down somewhere!

> More ideas coming up for you after your first “pouring?”
Great! Just asking yourself these questions can open inner flood gates, bringing forward valuable memories or creative new ideas.
Add these to your collection as they appear!

Welcome to Juicy REVIVAL

Let’s get started…

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COLLECT Seed Ideas from your MIND
COLLECT Seed Ideas from OTHERS
COLLECT Seed Ideas from your HEART
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